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Chris Aronsen

Christopher has  has created a transformational model unique to each client in-order to unlock your truest potential. He believes in using the resources of your mind and body in-order to create the states, outcomes & behavior you are looking to manifest.  "What is the best version of yourself" & how can we get there.....

  • The Institute of Applied Psycho Therapy - Member/Coach/Assistant Group Facilitator

  • The Paradox Process - Co-developer / Teacher

  • Expert Life Coaching Certification

  • Tony Robbins / Madaness Core 100 Life Coaching Certification

  • Ace / Nasm Personal Trainer/Senior Fitness Specialist Certifications

  • Spectrum Cable Shows - Body Coach / Fitness & Discovery / Mind Over Matter with Dr Spokjny

  • Joe Vitale "Law of Attraction" Certification

You always hear people talking about living your life by design, how would that look for you !  Imagine having the ability to shift your state so you can overcome your blocks, release your anxiety, show up in the world the way you would like, be more confident, attract the person you desire.  By taking responsibility for your life and directing your mind you can achieve the life you desire.  There is no question that it will take work & discipline but so what.....We only pass this way once so let's make the best of it.  You have to create a new you, a new habit of being you, a new habit of feeling, thinking and believing.  It's up to you, no one else is going to do it for you.

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